A UL product certification is a valuable marketing tool. It means your product or company has successfully met stringent standards for product safety.

This Web page will assist you in accurately promoting your relationship with UL. It also discusses limitations on how you may use the UL Mark in promoting your products or business. We also invite you to contact UL for a review of your promotional material. For more information, contact your local UL customer service team.

Guidelines for customers with UL product certification

General Guidelines D Mark
UL Listed Mark UL-EU Mark
UL Classified Mark UL GS Mark
UL Recognized Component Mark UL-Japan Mark
UL Performance Verification Mark UL-MX NOM Mar

Installer guidelines

References for alarm system installers References for lightning protection system installers

Other program guidelines

General and specific guidelines for Qualified SFRM Contractor program marking

Guidelines and rules for UL Registered Firms

General and specific guidelines for Qualified Firestop Contractor program marking

Retailer-Distributor Advertising Guidelines

Data Acceptance Program

Authorized Label Supplier

Enhanced UL Certification Marks